Monday, January 9, 2012

Memorable Designs on Facebook

I started Memorable Designs in August 2008 and used this blog and personal connections to promote my work. Keeping up this blog, my personal blog, my personal email, my work email and my personal life proved to be a bit overwhelming so I got a bit slack on the blogging. I decided last week to launch Memorable Designs on Facebook since it is a platform more familiar to consumers and allows me to make the most of my personal connections while promoting my business.

As I have continued to grow my business creating photo books for weddings, babies, anniversaries and birthdays as well as video montages, I have started paper crafting again which is something I have liked to do for many years. I also have the opportunity to design with vinyl which is alot of fun for me.

So as a bit of a business push, please think of me when you are planning baby showers or your child's birthday party and are interested in a coordinating banner, cupcake toppers, favor tags, etc or personalized party buckets, wall art, etc. I can't wait to start feeding my creativity even more and thanks for coming along on this journey with me :).

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

New Year, Modified Priorities

My apologies, I have fallen off the bandwagon. Actually, I have been blogging rather frequently about home projects, DIY activities at home, recipes, and our latest "going ons" at my personal blog: Enjoy Life & Love.

I have taken a step back from memorable Designs meaning I haven't been promoting my work because as my pregnancy progresses (36+ weeks now!) I wanted to be realistic about my time commitment. I have been working on a wedding video which I can hopefully share with you soon and also using this "down time" before baby arrives to design my own books and videos since I know time will be even more valuable in a few short weeks.

So if you REALLY want to keep up with our soon-to-be family, please follow my other blog and keep in touch. I will continue sharing projects here, but I wanted to reassure you that I haven't dropped out of the race -- I still love doing all of the photography-related projects and pendants!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Pendants Galore!

I have continued to make glass tile pendants, but realized I had not posted additional images online. For that I am sorry! The photo below shows a variety of patterns that are available and can also be customized with a single monogram or hung on a diagonal so it would be a diamond instead of a square. All pendants come with a 24 inch silver ball chain that I can cut to a specific size or you can do with wire cutters once you try it on.

All patterned pendants are only $12 and that includes shipping - what a great stocking stuffer!!

Top row L to R: Pink Dots, Purple & Orange Paisley, Pink Geometric, Retro, Fuschia Hearts, Snowflakes, Christmas Tree
Bottom row L to R: Funky Flowers, Snowflakes, Christmas Tree, Christmas Lights, Retro, Candy Cane, Pink Geometric

As you may have noticed, since the patterns are cut from one large sheet, sometimes the same pattern (ie: pink geometric) looks different with each pendant. I can work with you if you want a specific part of the pattern.

I also offer single monograms on solid papers. Below are some of the colors and letter options.

Block Letters

Dot Letters

Pattern Letters

Friday, November 5, 2010

More Pendants

As I mentioned in my last post, I am also using other materials for the pendants besides photos. Here are some additional examples of pendants I made for tomorrow's holiday bazaar.

I hope that my table setup comes together as seamlessly as I have pictured it in my head when I go to setup after work tonight. If not, at least I have some time this evening to figure it out before the doors open at 9am tomorrow!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Glass Pendants

I recently started making glass tile pendants. For those of you reading this post, you would probably be most interested in the photo pendants such as...

The one for a mother whose son, a Marine, was sadly KIA:

Or, as another example, my 16 week ultrasound:

The tiles are a 7/8 inch square which seems to be a universally complimentary size regardless of who is wearing the pendant. I will be taking orders for photo pendants as well as selling ones made with other materials (later post coming on those!) at our church bazaar this weekend.

If you are interested, e-mail me for more info and come back in a day or two to see more examples! 

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Fall Family Portraits

On Sunday, October 24th I did a portrait session with some friends out in Mt. Airy, Maryland. The fall foliage was just where we wanted it and the little one even had a fun time. Here is a sneak peek:

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Family Reunion

I wanted to share a few pictures from a family reunion.